NHKGIF Instructor Education & Training


NHKGIF’s instructor training system for certifying guides that take between 4-6 months to complete.

To obtain certification as a NHKGIF Instructor an individual must complete the 3 steps of NHKGIF instructors training course.

Step 1.  – Evaluation and admission to NHKGIF instructor’s course

Step 2.  – Participate in NHKGIF’s 4 instructor workshops
– Pass the instructor’s exam
– Pass the technical paddling skills evaluation

Step 3.  – log as an instructor apprentice 2 complete sea kayaker 1 courses through an apprenticeship position with a NHKGIF accredited company; under the mentorship of NHKGIF Association Instructor

After an instructor candidate has completed the three steps in NHKGIF’s instructors training program and obtained a valid WRF (Wilderness First Responder) certificate and VHF license (restricted radio operators license) the instructor candidate will receive the status of NHKGIF Sea Kayak Instructor